The Team

Meet the small-but-mighty team behind Lou Dog Events. 

Josh Seago

Josh Seago
Founder & President

Josh is Lou Dog’s fearless leader, our founder and president. He left behind a safe and secure career in banking to pursue a passion, and start a craft beer festival production company that would do things differently and since then has expanded into street and community festivals. When he’s not organizing festivals, he enjoys spending time with his family in Michigan, exploring new restaurants, and teaching at North Central College. 



Becky DelGeorge
VP of Operations

Becky is the backbone of Lou Dog Events. She handles employee relations, customer relations, vendor relations, paperwork (the fun stuff) … and anything else to get stuff done. She likes spending time with her family, dogs, board games and just generally being creative. 


Rebecca Stein
Director of Marketing

Rebecca wears many hats — From websites and social media management, and online advertisement she helps keeps us moving forward. She likes a lot of beer styles, but finds special affinity in a refreshing wheat beer. When she’s not planning festivals, she’s at the gym or a good concert.


Bill Mitchell
Director of Logistics

Bill is responsible for supporting subcontractor relations & brewer relations. He enjoys outdoor activities.