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Do you have what it takes?

Lou Dog Events is looking for grounds crew members and summer interns for 2019. If you would like to become a member of our team check out the roles and responsibilities.

Grounds Crew

Role:  Set-up / Grounds Crew / Tear Down

Dress Code: There will be a “Staff” T-shirt provided at every fest. Weather permitting; wear blue jeans or khaki shorts.

Responsibilities Include but are not limited to:

o  Water coolers must be filled and place in appropriate location

o  Dump buckets must be cleaned and placed in appropriate location

o  Make up garbage cans and place in designated areas 

o  Hang signs and banners

o  Set up front gate area (set up tables, chairs, stools, lanes, etc.)

o  Help set up fire pits (may include fire pit, hay bales, etc.)


   Grounds Crew

o      Arrive to shift on time and remain in zone throughout the fest.  

o      Wear staff t-shirt during shift.  

·o     Communicate appropriately with fellow workers. 

o      Deliver ice to brewers upon request

o     Monitor water coolers and refill when necessary 

o     Monitor rinse buckets and empty when necessary

·o    Monitor garbage cans and empty when necessary

o     If you notice an over-served guest or any other questionable behavior, Contact Zone Captain.


  Tear Down

o  Clean up at the end of the fest 


o     Walk and/or remain on foot for 12-14 hours

o     Lift and carry 60 pounds over your weight at a minimum of 50 feet

o     Handle stress 

o     Ability to self manage 

o     A positive attitude

o     Great people skills

If you are interested, please email Becky at