Brewery Feature: 5 Rabbit Brewing


5 Rabbit Brewing in Chicago’s south suburb of Bedford Park opened in 2011 as the country’s first Latin-inspired craft brewery, focusing on creating unique and creative beers that often defy traditional style guidelines. In a city teeming with talented brewers, founder Andrés Araya has found a way to separate his beer and his brewery’s identity through carefully sourced ingredients, some fun beers and a taproom environment you won’t find anywhere else.


The taproom debuted in 2014 and sits amidst the raw, industrial sights you’re used to seeing in a production facility; big stainless tanks, a bottling line and rows of stacked kegs. It’s the Latin flare that really sets 5 Rabbit apart, with traditional murals, blue tiling and textured wood accents that make it feel like you’re a bit off the beaten path in South America while still maintaining an urban industrial feel.


Once you’re ready for a drink, you’re treated to a tap list that includes options such as the GABF award-winning 5 Lizard, a witbier made with passion fruit, lime peel and coriander, their stellar IPA called Ironica or a sour ale brewed with pineapple called La Pina de Mis Ojos. During the summer months you can even find their ice cream inspired wheat ale made with guava called Paletas that pours a soft pink and drinks like a dream.



There’s something for everyone at the 5 Rabbit taproom whether you’re looking to check out some live music, enjoy a brewery tour, play a game of bags, grab some authentic Latin fare on Taco Thursdays and enjoy some truly uncommon beers sure to please the palate. It’s a must-visit for beer lovers looking to try something different and experience a wonderfully vibrant space.


Steph Byce

Stephanie is a writer and photographer focused on Midwestern beer. She found her way to Chicago from Northern Wisconsin. When not hiding behind a camera lens or hunched over a laptop she often finds herself on the back stairwell of her apartment building, drinking with her cat.

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