Food Trucks at Chicago Ale Fest

Food Trucks At Chicago Ale Fest

Food. We dig it. Not as much as we dig beer, but we understand the synergy and we can appreciate how well food can pair with our favorite brews. To make pairing unique tastes with the subtle notes in your glass a little easier, we wrangled four very different food trucks to join us at the Chicago Ale Fest.

Beaver’s Donuts


(photo via Beaver’s Donut Facebook page)

Contrary to popular opinion, beer does go with every meal of the day, including breakfast. Well, in most cases. This is one of them. Pair your brews with some drool-worthy mini donuts from Beaver’s Donut truck and say “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!” Don’t, actually, but you get the point. Anyway, these are not your basic run-of-the-mill pastries. These are tiny gourmet rings of delight, topped with classics like cinnamon and sugar, or signature toppings like s’mores, strawberry sauce and graham cracker crumbs, or Nutella. Beware, though…those pre-frozen donut nuggets from the chain on the corner won’t cut it ever again.

Roaming Hog



Photo credit: Roaming Hog

How many ways can you pork? The Roaming Hog has a few ideas you probably haven’t thought of – pork on naan! Pork with ginger and hoisin! Pork in a bunch of other ways we can’t even tell you because they don’t have a website, they like to keep you guessing! But guessing isn’t good enough. Stop by the truck to see what they have in store for you. Maybe they’ll have Japanese noodles with pork, or pork with braised winter greens or pork with…check out their Instagram, @theroaminghog, for inspiration and an appetite.



(SausageFest Instagram @sausagefestruck)

Beer and sausage is the greatest couple of our time. Don’t @ me. If you agree, which you should, drop by the SausageFest truck to get your hands on a big ol’ one. The coolest part of this truck’s fare? It’s already baked INTO the bun, with all the trimmings nestled inside it. So pick your proverbial poison, either a Vienna dog, German or Polish veal, or your classic Polish, and enjoy the on-the-go convenience of the total delicious package in one hand, and a tasty brew in the other. Disclaimer/caveat: there will be ketchup. Act accordingly.


The Slide Ride


(Slide Ride Instagram @theslideride)

Sliders are drunk people food, this is a known fact. However, you don’t have to resign yourself to garbage sliders just because you’ve had a few beers. Your tastes can still be discerning. Hit up The Slide Ride to elevate this late-night staple into slider nirvana. From a Guinness-infused onions with horseradish, to a new take on the PBJ (pork, bacon and jalapeno, naturally), you will never consider sliders just tiny burgers ever again. Try the caprese slider, or the piri piri chicken, or even the Italian beef on ciabatta. We could keep going but just trust us, you’re lucky these are small because you’ll want to try more than one. Don’t forget the tater tots!


Yum Dum


(photo via Yum Dum)

Yum Dum offers baowiches (think slider on a fluffy savory pancake), dumplings and sides like Kimcheesy Rice Balls. If you want to go lighter on the carbs, try the Thai chicken basil steamed dumpling, filled to a pleasant plump with chicken, coconut milk, Thai green curry and vermicelli noodles. If you want to go all in, opt for one of the baowiches, like Korean chili chicken with a house spicy slaw, or one of their crispy versions, either shrimp or fish. Cool your blazing (in the best way) taste buds with a cold sesame cucumber noodle side and savor the moments you spend in East Asian heaven without having to leave the Ale Fest.



2018 Chicago Ale Fest – Winter Edition
Saturday, January 20th, 2018
Aon Grand Ballroom @ Navy Pier

Session 1
Early Entry: 11am to 3pm
General Admission 12pm to 3pm

Session 2
Early Entry: 5 to 9pm
General Admission:  6 to 9pm

Tickets on sale now!

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