Top 5 Summer Beers

The warm weather is here and it’s about time to shed off your winter gloom and grab something to keep you cool and beat the heat. Because we’re nothing short of helpful, we put together our list of the top 5 summer beers we can’t wait for.

Brooklyn Summer Ale

brooklyn .png

Photo: Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn is known as a small community in a big city with rooftop bars as the Hudson shines bright with the reflection of Manhattan in the distance. Brooklyn Brewery has created a Summer Ale to set the standard for what a summer in the city should taste like. This refreshing sunny pale ale is made to tag along with you, no matter what the sunniest season might bring. Whether it’s a nice summer salad, or a plate of fresh seafood by the water, this hoppy and crisply bitter beer will go well paired several summer dishes and is sure to have you reaching for another.

Founders All Day IPA

lakeshore bev.png

Photo: Lakeshore Beverage

Founders All Day IPA mixes strong flavors of malts, grains and hops combined with a crisp finish while at the same time keeping the alcohol content low enough for you to find yourself drinking this Founders IPA… All day. Whether you prefer to enjoy your beer out of the bottle, can or on tap at a local bar, this beer can be savored any way you’d like. A beautifully simple beer that will make it feel like a hot summer day all day, every day.

Boulevard Ginger Lemon Radler


Photo: Boulevard Brewing Co.

This beer takes the cake when it comes to thirst quenching, easy to drink brews. A ginger lemon radler, this Boulevard Brewing Co. creation leaves the taste buds with somewhat of a zesty hybrid between a lighter beer, a ginger ale and lemonade. This combination of three of the most refreshing summer drinks is the perfect companion for when the thermometer hits 90 in June during a barbecue, or sitting by the water feeling the sand between your toes.

Bell’s Oberon Ale


Photo: Lakeshore Beverage

This beer is one of Bell’s classics that will have you taking a second look before rushing to the shelves to snag something else. This pale wheat ale is fermented with Bell’s signature house ale yeast that produces fruity aromas with a body filled with hops and spices. Oberon finishes smooth and crisp mouthfeel to keep it feeling like a hot weather beer as it kicks you in the mouth with flavors.

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’

Serious eats.png

Photo: Serious Eats

Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ is the beer on our list with the highest alcohol content at 7.5 ABV. Moderately bitter, this beer is packed with all of the hops and fresh flavors that you could think of. This beer is brewed with 50% wheat, yet still maintains the ability to be dangerously refreshing as it delivers a heavier body. Lagunitas touts this hoppy summer beer as “way smooth and silky” as it will be the perfect craft beer to keep on deck when looking for just a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

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