Beer Artist's Program

We have the great honor to get to work with some of this industry's best artists. For each beer festival we produce, we bring on an artist who works in the craft beer scene to create a limited-edition shirt. We given them complete freedom, and sell the shirts until they're gone. They've created some pretty amazing stuff as a result. 


Beer Writer's Program

We're dedicated to the growth of the craft beer industry that we love so much. We work with a variety of great beer writers and photographers to tell beer stories for each of our festivals, and on this site.


Matt Tanaka

Matt is the founder a creative director at Tanaka Marketing & Design, a craft beer marketing and design studio. He lives in Chicago with his wife Laura, son Logan, and Bento, the world's laziest bulldog. 

Steph Byce.jpg

Steph Byce

Stephanie is a writer and photographer focused on Midwestern beer. She found her way to Chicago from Northern Wisconsin. When not hiding behind a camera lens or hunched over a laptop she often finds herself on the back stairwell of her apartment building, drinking with her cat.

Brad Fruhauff

Brad Fruhauff

Brad Fruhauff is on a mission to help clients in the beer and spirits industry focus their stories and find their audiences. He learned to love craft beer in Portland, OR, but he's been happy to make Chicago his home, where they make pretty great beer, too. 

Nicky Copland

Nicky Copland

Nicky Copland is a writer with a background in all things uncool, including stints working for insurance professionals, home inspectors, lawyers, and neurosurgeons (they were cool). She recently moved from Chicago to Indianapolis, where she lives with her husband, toddler, two cats, and a lot of anxiety. When she isn't wiping butts both literally and figuratively, she's enjoying beer, food, hockey, and sleep, occasionally.